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The Progress Party

of San Andreas

Forward, always

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What does Progress stand for?

supporting san andreans

The government should serve the ​people, not the other way around. We ​ple​dge to aid citizens and communities.

providing tangible help

We pledge to be both present and ​proactive. Your problems are our ​problems;​ let's solve them together.

A ​proven track record

Members of the Progress Party have ​experience on key pieces of legi​slation and​ aiding critical community efforts.

We field political candidates and offer political consultancy in the ​pursuit of these three goals. Many of our services are either free ​or use sliding scales to ensure that they are accessible to ​everyone, from the average citizen to an institutional force.

Creating a san andreas ​that works for everyone

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No San Andrean Left Behind

The Progress Party is focused on building crucial ​infrastructure to help the people of San Andreas. Whether ​someone is houseless, struggling, or in need of recovery or ​rehabilitation - Progress is there.

We've championed government branches like the ​Department of Human Services and supported community ​initiatives like the Grower's Farm. Progress believes ​everyone deserves a fresh chance at success.

We pledge to uplift the voice of people in need, prevent ​people in need from falling through the cracks, and use ​government as a tool to help our fellow San Andreans ​succeed. That's a Progress promise.

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Lobbying and legal aid

Politics covers more than just the typical election cycle or ​the current elected officials. Politics affect all of us on a ​daily basis, whether it's on the streets or in the courtrooms ​of San Andreas. The Progress Party stands with the ​people of San Andreas, and we offer political consultancy, ​legal aid, and assistance in lobbying the legislature and ​executive branches for citizens in need of support.

If you have a passion, and you need help navigating the ​state's systems in order to make it a tangible reality in the ​world, reach out to the Progress Party. We have the ​experience and tenacity it takes to bring projects from the ​starting phases all the way across the finish line - and ​we're here to help you do the same thing.

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Tools Kit

The right tools for the job

The government is plagued with inaction, red tape, and ​a failure to create basic legal infrastructure. Time and ​time again, Progress has tackled the tough questions ​like bail reform, public safety, and the penal code.

Some problems require a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. ​Where we can't build our own systems, we have a strong ​relationship with private industry that allows us to get ​things done regardless.

Progress is a change-maker for San Andreas, and we ​know how to get things done. If you need something ​built or changed, there's no one better to call.

Forward, a​lways

Join us in bringing Progress to San Andreas

Becks Lawson

Founder & Leader of the Progress Party

065 021 7013

Jordan Malone

State Representative

069 610 1888

Wyatt McKenzie

Secretary of State

062 954 6440

Audrey Storm

State Representative

061 366 1024